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  • Are you ready to get a hair transplant ?

    COSMEDICA is ranked as the “World’s most preferred # 1 Hair Transplantation an Plastic Surgery Center” in 2014 – 2015 by the patient reviews on UK’s reputable and independent health site what-clinic-logo-cosmedica-hair-transplant

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    COSMEDICA is the only clinic that is recommended by TheTimes.co.uk and Dailymail.co.uk the most prestigious British news sites because of the service quality offered for its foreign customers and the succesful results in FUE hair transplant.

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    Look at these single surgery results:

    Before & After

    You should know that results depends on the patient organism, his/ her hair follicles and his/her bald area.

    4100 Grafts DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION method

    Transplanted area : front, middle and back areas.

    ”It was a very important decision for me .Years later i have my hair back and i made peace with mirrors :)

    I want to thank my doctors and and all of the team “

    Before & After

    You should know that results depends on the patient organism, his/ her hair follicles and his/her bald area.

    4620 Grafts DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION methods

    Transplanted area : front, middle and back areas.

    Ozan : “I am really statisfied Cosmedica clinic service.

    I want to tell a big thanks to Dr. Acar his professional team.”

    Before & After

    You should know that results depends on the patient organism, his/ her hair follicles and his/her bald area.

    4200 Grafts FUE methods

    Transplanted area : front, and middle part .
    Lateral slit incision technique.

    :”I got more than i ever dreamed of.Price was as quoted  all inclusive and affordable,no any hidden costs.

    Excellent service  and kindly team.I would recommend it to anyone.”

    Why Us?

    • International Certifications
      Certification, recognised as a gold standard in healthcare industry, accreditation from JCI-USA.

    • High Quality Service
      You will be able to get in touch with Cosmedica e-health consultant Doctors directly.Your appointment will be finalised within 24 hours.


    Mrs. Maryam

    Everything went as planned and promised.

    First of all when I requested information regarding surgery, I had a quick respons from Dr. Acar. The communication was very good before I went to Istanbul and also during my stay. All my questions were answered honestly and clear. I am very pleased to say that I am very happy I found this place, cause I felt very save and I was in very good hands. The doctors were very nice and the nurses were very professional. My overall experience was great. I highly recommend this hospital.

    Special thanks to Dr. Acar, nurses and translators.

    Best regards,

    Breast Lift

    Mr. Andy

    I would recommend Dr. Acar, his friendly team to anyone. Very professional in a large hospital. My transplant went very well with no real pain. I was picked up at airport. Great hotel. Taxi to and from hotel. 4000 grafts and price was as quoted. No extras at all. 4 weeks on it looks brilliant. I am very happy. TreatmentsHair Transplant


    Mr. Farooq

    Dr. Acar, and his team were excellent. I was well looked after throughout the procedure was well explained.. It was very reasonable price wise. I would definitely recommend Dr Acar to anyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant.Treatmentshair transplant


    Obama’s Advisor Visited Cosmedica

    Michael M. Honda, one of advisors of Barack Obama, President of U.S., and one of executives of “Obama Care”, the health care reform of U.S., visited Cosmedica Hospital Complex. Stating that Turkey is among role model countries worldwide with respect to medical tourism and is gradually gaining acceleration, “high quality healthcare services combined with low prices, in comparison with Europe, has substantial effect on international patients, who prefer Turkey. With this acceleration, Turkey will be a role model for all European countries.” said Mr. Honda.


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