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Dr.Levent ACAR - Expert Hair Transplant Surgeon+90 544 556 05 55

Phone Number & Whatsapp +90 544 556 05 55 - Mail:

We are providing service to people from various countries all around the world. We have performed over 15,000 hair transplantation operations so far.

Phone Number & Whatsapp +90 544 556 05 55 - Mail:
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Dr. Levent ACAR

was honered with a special certificate for his success in this participation.

World Congress ISHRS 2017,

one of the most important session is the Live Patient Viewing.

All the experience, skill and the artistry was shown here Live to collegues.

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Cosmedica – The #1 clinic for hair transplants in Turkey

Today’s values make long, glossy hair a distinctive sign of beauty. Unfortunately, our curls bear witness to the journey through the lifetime. Simply put, aging, along with genetics, stresses, poor nutrition, and environmental conditions, inevitably causes hair loss. But this unwanted process is not the one you can do nothing about. Regardless of what exactly makes you search for a hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, you are now in safe hands.

Both women and men go all out to keep their locks thick and bouncy as long as they can because hair loss drives them up the wall. Don’t fret – Cosmedica has got a surefire way to get your stunning look back or even make it better than ever before. We’ve been providing result-oriented services for hair restoration in Turkey and far beyond its borders for years. Count on us to enjoy startling appearance transformations in a few months!

Premium-quality FUE hair replacement in Turkey

At Cosmedica, we specialize in various cosmetic treatments to enhance your beauty. Over 15,000 people from different countries have already had professional hair surgeries at our Turkey-based clinic, and we are proud of the incredible results we’ve managed to achieve together. If you’re considering this procedure for yourself, see what dramatic transformations you can expect.

When it comes to hair transplantation, we rely on revolutionary methods that offer both natural-looking and Minimal scarring results. Over the last 10 years of our medical practice, it is FUE and FUT has been proven to be the best way to ward off baldness. Here is why:

  • Aftercare Support
  • your existing hair is not damaged during or after the FUE surgery
  • FUE ensures a long lasting effect
  • less time is needed for recovery and for new hair to grow 

Make an appointment at Cosmedica to get your vigorous locks back using FUE hair implants in Istanbul. Your age and sex don’t matter as our experienced doctors are qualified to be of service to everyone.

Choose your Turkey hair transplant package at a reasonable price

Natural beauty starts with lustrous hair. And Cosmedica gives you a convenient and affordable way to take care of it. When you make up your mind to turn to us, rest assured that ultimate comfort will be ensured throughout your whole stay in Turkey. With our all-inclusive package for hair implants in Istanbul, you will not only get rid of your problem but also have everything arranged beforehand.

We will be honored to welcome patients from any country, making sure nothing stresses them out once in Turkey. Please take a look at our price list and select the option suitable for your needs and budget. Each of our packages includes airport transfer, first-class accommodation, and ongoing assistance.

Leave your worries behind and book your visit to the trusted hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Be sure that this trip will change your life for better!


Hello, it's Pepper. From now on, I'll be at your service in Cosmedica Clinic!


What is Sapphire Hair Transplant?


Needle-free hair transplant procedure is possible!

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We are the What Clinic Customer Service Award Winner of 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018.

* What Clınıc Award ıs a prıze entırely determıned by the vote of ındıvıdual patıents to the hospıtals.
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Hair Transplant in Turkey Review

First of all when I requested information regarding surgery, I had a quick respons from Dr. Acar. The communication was very good before I went to Istanbul and also during my stay.

YouTube Video - Calum Best

Hair Transplant in Turkey Review

Very professional in a large hospital. My transplant went very well with no real pain. I was picked up at airport. Great hotel.

YouTube Video - Mike A.

Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey Review

It was very reasonable price wise. I would definitely recommend Dr Acar to anyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant.

YouTube Video - Louis G.

FUE Hair Transplant in İstanbul Review

I want to tell a big thanks to Dr. Acar his professional team. I am really satisfied Cosmedica clinic service. Excellent service and kindly team.I would recommend it to anyone.

YouTube Video - Milinko Pantić

Dr. Levent ACAR FUE Hair Transplant Seminar


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