12 Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Hair Transplant Surgery


12 Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Hair Transplant Surgery

Do not smoke a week before your hair transplant operation, try to reduce it if you can not quit at all. Cigarettes have bad effects on the healing process.

Do not drink alcohol one week before your hair transplant operation.

You must certainly aware your doctor about medicines if you take because of chronic and acute diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, tuberculosis and blood pressure. Your doctor needs to know about those kind of medicines you take.

Do not use tricyclic antidepressants, anticoagulants (Heparin, Aspirin, Coumadin etc.), beta-blockers and Monoamine oxidase inhibitors(Aurorix etc.) 2 weeks before your hair transplant operation.

Do not apply any topical medication to your hair and scalp before your hair transplant surgery.

Wash your hair before you come to the clinic before the operation and do not use any jelly, wax or spray after washing.

Make sure to have a “very light” breakfast before the hair transplant operation.

If your operation will be after lunch, eat a very light lunch before you arrive.

Stop drinking coffee and other caffeine related drinks a day before.

Do not take multivitamin preparations containing vitamins B and E 1 a week before the operation because it may increase bleeding. You also stop drinking any kind of green tea three days before the operation.

We do not recommend using the car for 6 hours after the operation, so be sure to have someone to use if you want to come with your own car. As Cosmedica Clinic, we provide your transfer for free.

When coming to the operation, wear type of clothes (shirt, cardigan etc.) that you will not rub your head on while wearing them and you can wear them comfortably. This is a key point too.

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