5 Facts To Understand Androgenic Hair Loss


5 Facts To Understand Androgenic Hair Loss

According to statistics, the most common hair loss in men is androgenetic hair loss. Genetic hair loss, which can be identified as androgenetic type is also referred to hereditary or hereditary type of hair loss. Both are true on this subject. In fact, it is very characteristic. First, the hair begins to weaken from the temple and the top. Over time, this problem moves towards the rear. Until this situation continues to the side and back of the hair it does not stop.

This problem is also experienced in the men or parents of men with baldness problems in statistics but actually it is not a fact. Because these genes are not predominant and pass on an equal number of mothers and fathers. In other words, genetic hair loss can pass even from uncles or other close relatives. You should not forget that, the more sensitive your hair follicles are to the DHT hormone, the more aggressive this process is. This is a sensitivity that is entirely determined by your genes. As a result of this, your hair follicles become thinner and become weaker.

If you have this problem you can not get rid of hair loss whatever you do. That is why we advise you not to go into stress when your hair is shed and to consult a specialist doctor with a reputation in the world.

Do not refer to medicines and treatments that have not yet been proven effective unless advised by a specialist. Because these treatments can cause you more serious problems.

To summarize in 5 facts:

Androgenetic Hair Loss is a genetic reason.

It is more common in men but also seen in women.

No complete treatment of andogenetic hair loss has ever found.

Hair loss medications may slow the course of this problem.

The most basic symptom of hair loss is primarily the hair weakness of the top and the forehead.

It should be remembered that it is almost impossible to stop the hair loss completely in the present conditions.

But we can slow it down with appropriate treatments. As a result, if you are losing your hair and you are uncomfortable with it, hair transplantation with FUE technique is the best and most up to date choice.

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