7 Best Foods To Help Protecting Your Hair


7 Best Foods To Help Protecting Your Hair

In today’s world, unhealthy and weak hair can cause serious problems for both men and women. Hair loss can be a sign of many diseases. A healthy nutrition program with vitamins and minerals for the body is also important for your hair’s health as well as your general health.

What nutritiens should we consume to protect our hair?

There are many special foods which nature offers for us. These food are rich in proteins, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids and A, E, C, B vitamins, zinc and copper minerals. You should also avoid to eat excessively greasy and salty foods. Here are the most delicious and healthy foods for your hair:

1: Salmon

Salmon fish is one of the highest quality Omega-3 sources and it does not only supports heart health, but also supports hair health. Omega-3 fatty acids help keep the scalp soft and moist. Besides, the high amount of protein in the salmon such as iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12 increase hair strength.

2: Eggs

Eggs are so rich in proteins. Biotin in the yolk of the egg is very important for hair health and it allows the hair to shine bright.

Ayrıca yumurta, saç dökülmesi sorununun önlenmesi ve saç köklerinin iyileştirilmesinde de önemli bir rol oynamaktadır. Eggs also are important in preventing hair loss and in the healing of hair follicles.

3: Oily seeds

Almond, hazelnut, cashew nuts and walnuts are very good for the hair. Among these, almonds are considered the best nuts for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth by the experts. Almonds make the hair brighther, healthy and moist which is important for the hair health. At the same time, the high amount of omega-3 fatty acids contained in almonds make the hair voluminous. Almonds alco contain vitamin E which allows rapid hair growth.

4: Red meat

Hair loss is observed in iron mineral deficiency. Red meat is the best source of iron. This is as simple as it is.

5: Dark green leafy vegetables

Vegetables with dark green leaves such as spinach and broccoli are rich sources of iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. At the same time, dark green vegetables also help production of sebum. Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the hair follicles and acts as natural hair cream.

6: Kiwi fruit

Vitamin C has an incredible antioxidant effect on the body and provides cell and tissue repair. Kiwi has it! It has so much vitamin C which helps your hair look bright.

7: Beans

Dried legumes such as red beans, dried beans, lentils are an excellent source of essential hair care. Dry legumes contain plenty of protein, as well as iron, zinc and biotin. You do remember biotin from eggs right?

Always follow your doctor’s recommendations for your personal diet.

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