Can I Make Hair Transplantation If My Hair Is White?


Can I Make Hair Transplantation If My Hair Is White?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in our clinic. So, we would like to give you the right answer immediately. Yes, you can!

But it requires more attention than hair transplantation in normal hair. Because the most important criterion in hair transplantation is the perfect and natural appearance.

Sometimes, due to the progression of aging and sometimes due to the unrelated genetic structure, the hair roots can be grown as white or gray.

Naturally, hair roots of different colors may occur in different areas on the scalp. In such cases, hair transplantation to people who have thickened hair requires such sensitivity. Otherwise the patient may face with undesirable consequences. Although this situation can be eliminated by hair coloring, it is actually possible to us a hair transplantation method such as FUE.

Can your doctor transplant your white hair?

The planning before your hair transplant should be done carefully by your expert doctor. Especially in male pattern hair loss, opening from the forehead and peak point decreases as the side reaches.

The whitening of the hair follicles is mostly seen in the regions where we can call the nape and the ear above even the situation is rare.

The hair follicles collected while transplanting on white hair are separated according to their numbers and colors in order to provide the best natural appearance.

With this separation, the distribution of the hair follicles is determined during transplanting and is performed by distributing the hair in accordance with the natural structure of the hair.

It is much easier to make the right transplant if your white and colored hair follicles are approximately even.

However, people with black hair at the top of the peak area, gathered at the top of the dark hair roots, starting with a natural acceleration sideways hair follicles can be provided by transplanting.

You should also know that; while the average hair transplantation process lasts from 4 to 8 hours, this surgery is completed in a longer period of time.

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