Causes Of Hair Loss


Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a big problem for many people. Why does it happen? In this article we will explain this topic.

In fact, you should never forget that our hormones play the most important role in hair loss.

For women and men, there are two types of hair loss, commonly called hair loss (Telogen efflivium) and male pattern hair loss androgenic type (Male pattern baldness). Normally 50-100 hair loss per day is acceptable.

However, since the follicles -we call them hair follicles- remain intact, new hair may be replaced by these shedding. As this circulation continues, the oil mixture clogs the mouth of the spilled hair follicle.

This plug is completely covered over time and the hair follicle which cannot be fed dies; this is the beginning of hair loss.

Frequent washing of the hair disrupts the scalp’s oil balance and the hair becomes more oily. Do not wash your hair every day.

Stay away from stress. High stress causes hair loss. Try to take your time.

Smoking and stress are the main factors that trigger hair loss. Familial predisposition to hair loss is a factor to be considered.

However, if your lost some of your hair, you can have a quality hair transplant operation with the latest technology and in hands of a top notch staff.

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