Coronavirus in Turkey


Coronavirus in Turkey

Turkey has remained for years as a leader in medical tourism due to its qualitative health services and devoted doctors and health employees. The Turkish hospitals which are the top destination for especially hair transplant and aesthetic surgeries are running a tremendous fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

How has Turkey been able to remain successful throughout the outbreak?

Whilst the new cases rate has stabilized, the rate of recoveries is increasing rapidly. Turkey has pursued a progressive strategy from the very start of the outbreak, up to today. At the first stage, its
borders have been shut-down and with the first positive case of covid19, all football matches and other sports competitions have been canceled immediately. The restrictions are gradually expanded  by implementing weekend-lockdowns. The government has set up a group of 26 medical scientists called Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board to develop measures against the coronavirus pandemic. The board reports to the Health Minister and the government carries out the implementation of the measurements and systems. With the filiation system, an enormous success has been achieved by keeping the situation under control.

With a filiation net around %90 of all positive diagnosed citizens, the system has been globally exceptional and successful. The powerful health system and its systematic organization
have eliminated the potential risk of the lack of hospitals, intensive care rooms, medical equipment and clothing. The number of tomograph devices at hospitals in Turkey has helped the diagnosis
processes remarkably. Below are the number of intensive care beds per 100.000 persons.

Turkey – 40
USA – 34.7
Germany – 29.2
Italy – 12.5
France – 11.6
South Korea – 10.6
Spain – 9.7
Japan – 7.3
England – 6.6
China – 3.6

Turkey has prioritized the production of respirators, face masks, and other medical equipment.

Ministry of Health, Arçelik, ASELSAN, Baykar, Biosys, and the engineers and production employees have played a great role in this comprehensive mobilization against the coronavirus. To support the fight globally, Turkey has sent medical aid to 57 countries.

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