Cosmedica Clinic Welcomed Famous French Player Ludovic Bukasa


Cosmedica Clinic Welcomed Famous French Player Ludovic Bukasa

In today’s world, sports are not like they reach limited people in the past but with the digital revolution, it is easy to show yourself to millions in seconds. So, the football players are very popular as individuals. They want to feel confident and have good-looking in and outside of the pitch. It’s getting much more in the news that football players having their FUE hair transplant operations.

Lately, the talented French football player Ludovic Bukasa came to visit us today in our leading hair restoration clinic.

Just a while ago, Cosmedica welcomed Milinko Pantić, legendary football player and  the former coach of Atletico de Madrid.

It looks like the Cosmedica is going to be the first choice of FUE hair transplant in sport’s world. Cosmedica was founded to provide Hair Transplantation, Aesthetic Surgery and Dental Treatments has been providing it’s services for more than fifteen years.

The latest techniques of hair transplantation and hair loss treatments are being practiced in Cosmedica at the same time with the world in Turkey.

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