Did Elon Musk Really Had Hair Transplant?


Did Elon Musk Really Had Hair Transplant?

Well all know Elon Musk nowadays. Musk who is 47 yrs old is an South Africa born investor, inventor and an engineer. He is also the founder of Tesla Motors, Space X and co-founder of PayPal. Currently he is the CEO and chief designer at SpaceX; the president, CEO and product architect at Tesla Motors. He also owns the company, Solar City.

As you know, the more famous a person is, the more people start to be curious about the past life and photos of those times.

Recently, Elon Musk’s photographs of youth are attracting much attention.

However, there are some unusual differences between his current look and his past appearance. Like his hair!

Musk, whose hair has been shed in his years of youth, now becomes very healthy and shine bright. How could it be possible?

As a top notch doctor and head of Cosmedica Clinic, we asked Dr. Levent Acar about this situation.
According to Dr. Acar, Musk definitely had hair transplantation. The reason is that there is no, another method that can succeed in today’s medicine in explaining the change on Musk’s hair.

When we look at his old photographs, we can see that his hair has thinned and lost most of it’s volume. In fact, he even had lost his hair completely in some parts. After that point, it is impossible for the hair to grow again in any way rather than hair transplantation. The hair loss can be stopped or slowed down with some special products and ultimate care but the hair cannot create itself again with only those products.

He must have admitted that he is getting old but still one of the most famous people in the world. So the possibility of him had a hair transplant is very very strong.

We can pay our thanks to the incredible amount of research and latest technology for the natural and attractive outcomes in hair transplantation. But remember you don’t have to be as rich as Elon Musk to have your hair transplant.

Fortunately, this technology can be used for everyone at the highest quality and with fair prices.

Click here to get your free consultation from Cosmedica Clinic which has been working with many celebrities of the world for years.

Who knows, maybe someday you will be on the world stage too! You have to be ready for this. So get ready!

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    Hair Transplant
    20 Mayıs 2020

    I’d like to own thick hair once I had been a
    young child, however it’s falling out at an alarming rate.

    My kid hates obtaining a hair cut but I usually do it in our own kitchen. After I shave my child’s head, he likes the texture of your hair once he touches it.

    So that it makes getting prepared in the mornings much easier.

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