Does Coronavirus live in hair Does your beard put you at risk?


Does Coronavirus live in hair Does your beard put you at risk?

The COVID-19 virus has affected over 1 Million people across over 181 countries. Researchers and experts are asked more questions about how long the virus survives on some surfaces such as the hair, for example. Is having a beard risky? Does the virus live in hair? Here is what you should know:

Can men leave their beards?

A beard itself does not produce droplets that can be thrown into the air, so there is a small chance of these people infecting anyone else with their beard – other than those they are intimate with. But the beard itself may be a place for the virus to hang in. So it is very important to wash your beard and hair regularly, especially facial hair across the mouth and nose.

Wearing a mask with a beard

Masks are one of the most worn protecting equipment to limit the spread of the virus but it will be harder for a mask to sit well, if you have lots of facial hair that is touching the respirator. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some beard styles can make you more susceptible. Here you can see the infographic released in 2017 about facial hairstyles and respirators:

Virus lingering on hair

“If you were to just rip out a few strands of hair, put them down and someone who’s positive for corona sneezed on it, could the virus live on that hair, which has been ripped out and is no longer part of the human system? From what we’re seeing from a New England Journal of Medicine paper, it’s very possible it could live on that surface for up to three days,” explained Dr. Adam Friedman, the interim chair of dermatology at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

But it isn’t the same for the hair which is still attached to our scalp Friedman explained, “This hair is not just hair sitting on a table, they do have some antimicrobial properties, and they limit how well organisms can bind to the hair.”

But ofcourse, we shouldn’t rely on natural oil production, especially since it varies for each person and hair type, Friedman said. So it is always recommended to wash your hair. In conclusion; we shouldn’t be aggressive with washing our hair. Washing your hair multiple times a day is not needed at this point according to experts. What we really should be focused on is to wash our hands regularly.

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