European vs Asian Hairtransplant comparison


European vs Asian Hairtransplant comparison

Asians, Europeans, Afro-American or mixed races. Each of them should be evaluated with all details. We have many patients from worldwide and we must care each of them with the best practices spesific for them. Let us give you some information about this topic.


Different distribution of hair follicles will affect the quantity for FUE Max. (I.e. the distribution and distance of hair follicles are wider for Asian ethnicity and closer for European ethnicity).

The thickness of the hair and the number of follicular groups are also very important to determine the FUE Max.

The physician will decide during the treatment between sharp ,dull,serrated or hybrid punches.

But also whether the diameter will be smaller or larger and the length will be shorter or longer.


The length and thickness of the hair follicles are crucial. Experience and micro measurements will decide together the best incision method (lateral, sagittal or mixed) and the incision numbers per cm2. The form (chisel, arrow..) and material (steel, sapphire, diamond, ceramic) of the micro blades will decided during the treatmant.

Each of these blades have different widths, whicknesses, and lengths.The direction and angle from the incisions will give the naturel and dens end look. (Check out our blog post about the blades we use) 


Various types and sizes of implanters or forceps methods can be used for the implantation. As all steps, the implantation stage needs a high level of experience and proficiency.

Each step of the procedure needs precise decision-making and know-how. Furthermore, each step is as important as the next one.Implanters have different sizez and shapes. They are also sharp or dull produced for different cases.

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