Find your Hair Loss Type With Norwood Scale


Find your Hair Loss Type With Norwood Scale

How much is your hair actually falling?

Would you like to find the answer to this question with a scientific measurement?

Here it is. The Norwood Scale, published by O .tar Norwood in 1975, is the most commonly used classification for hair loss in men. The Norwood Scale shows your hair loss level.

The Norwood Scale classifies hair loss levels in degrees from 1 to 7, with a total of 12 different loss types.

In addition to determining your hair loss level; it also gives an idea about what kind of treatment should be applied to your hair loss.

If the hair loss in your hair is progressing, it may be difficult to win your hair with medication. In such cases, you should have your right hair transplantation.

* Type 1: Ordinary hair loss. After adolescence, it is seen from young ages.

* Type 2: It is more common in adults and older ages.

* Type 2 – A: Hair loss begin on the front line hair line.

* Type 3: Typical male hair loss is at the earliest phase.

* Type 3 – A: Hair loss in the front side of your scalp.

* Type 4: It shows the beginning of the hair on the top of your head.

* Type 4 – A: All of the hair has been lost in the front of the scalp.

* Tip 5: The dair loss in the forehead. However, the loss starts on the top too. The bridge between the front and the top has still a distinct hair mass.

* Tip 5 – A: Thinning areas may also appear on the crown.

* Tip 6: Hair is loss from the crown and the frontal region.

* Tip 7: Most of the hair has been lost.

* Tip 8: The most severe stage of hair loss, only a band of hair going around the sides of the head remains. This hair is usually not dense and may be fine.

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