Hair Transplantation and PRP Treatment

4- Hair Transplantation and PRP Treatment

After the operation with FUE Technique, we frequently perform PRP therapy as supportive therapy. Today, it is known that the PRP process is very effective in improving the tissues. Damaged tissues and stem cells are stimulated by factors contained in the PRP. It is triggered to defeat the body’s mechanisms.

PRP Therapy is used in many areas. For example; Soccer players often use it in especially knee injuries.

The greatest advantage of PRP in hair transplantation is that it protects hair roots harvested for transplantation naturally and stimulates microcirculation. The hair follicles are moistened for a long time and oxygen is obtained.

There are seven(7) major stem cell stimulating factors in the content of PRP. The blood centrifuge technique from the self-extractor itself is transformed into platelet rich plasma. It is also combined with various vitamins and amino acids and applied to the person himself / herself again.

It also helps revitalize your thin and weak hair follicles.

PDGF (Platelet derived growth factor)

TGF-a and b (Transformational growth factor alpha & beta)

EGF (Epidermal growth factor)

FGF (Fibroblast growth factor)

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)

PDEGF (Platelet-derived epidermal growth factor)

PDAF (Platelet-derived angiogenesis factor)