How Does Hair Loss Affect Life Quality?


How Does Hair Loss Affect Life Quality?

Concerns and worries about the outlook which are caused by hair loss affect the quality of life negatively.

Don’t you want to regain your hair just like in the old days? There is way for it!

The most effective treatment of hair loss today is a quality hair transplantation.

Those who think about having hair transplantation are first taken to the hair examination.

Your doctor will examine both the spill site and the back and side of your head.

Will you be able to have hair transplantation?

Are you suitable for this?

What is the expected result?

Here are all these and the ones that keep you confused like this will find the answer after your doctor’s examination. Hair transplant today can be easily done with superior technology.

Moreover, your transplanted hair will last a lifetime!

The FUE method -the latest technique in the practice of modern medicine- is used at the Cosmedica Clinique in Turkey.

The grafts are picked one by one from the donor area (neck area) by micromotor technology and collected for the planned area where the hair is gone or lack.

The first part of the operation lasts about three hours.

During this period of planning and anesthesia, the region where hair follicles are taken first is determined.

Local anesthesia is applied to make the operation painless. Thus, hair roots are taken with micromotor.

Now it is time to work in the area where these hair follicles will be planted.

Channel opening is done in this period with local anesthesia. The channels are opened in the natural direction with lateral slit –to avoid traces-.

This process includes a rigorous work that is very important for a natural look afterwards.
The operation is completed after a working day of six to eight hours.The donor area where the hair is taken is dressed and bandaged.
Your bandage will be removed the next day after the operation.

Then the hair band is worn to prevent swelling (edema). You can wear hat after this. On the 3rd day after the procedure, you can wash your hair.

At the end of the first month, it is normal for the old hair to be shed around the newly planted area. There is nothing to worry about this. You may see your new hair after 3 months but all the results can bee seen in 9 months to a year.

Hair transplantation must be done in the right hands of an expert doctor and with a careful evaluation.

Here you can have your free consultation.

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