How Is Hair Loss Treated?


How Is Hair Loss Treated?

First of all, you should know that the treatment of hair loss depends on the cause of hair loss.

Local factors such as fungus, ringworm of the scalp, dandruff are treated with creams and such drugs.
Specially produced shampoos are used to prevent long-term hair loss.

Chemotherapy-induced hair loss stops after this treatment, and the starts to grow again. Hair loss due to thyroid diseases is also stops after the treatment. Treatment of the this disease is done with drugs.
After the medication is used, the hair stratus to grow again.

Hair loss due to stress stops again when this physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension is treated. Therefore, psychiatric support is beneficial in such situations.

As you see, there are different drugs are being used in the treatment of hair loss according to the disease.

The causes of male genetical hair loss may not be diagnosed. So it is not possible to regain your hair your hair loss type is genetic.

Together with the rapidly developing technology, hair transplantation is now considered the best solution for the situation by the world’s leading experts.

In genetic hair loss, it can be tried to reduce the amount of the loss but the hair on the back of the head and on the back must be protected.

One of the best techniques for hair transplantation is Follicular Unit Extraction as known as FUE. After 90 days of hair transplantation, the roots start to show themselves.

As the hair comes out every day without any irregular rush, the process proceeds naturally and exaggerated.

After about 8 to 10 months, all the hair grows completely.

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