How Many Hair Transplant Grafts Do I Need?


How Many Hair Transplant Grafts Do I Need?

Anyone who thinks about getting hair transplant often starts to search about the whole process.

By time he gets familiar with the medical terms, the patient begins to determine his own needs. In the meantime, some of the terms as grafts become to show itself more than ever. Then the patient tries to calculate a price of the operation regarding the number of grafts. Let’s look at these terms for starters.

What is a graft?

Graft is a part of a tissue. It is taken by nerve and vessel connections that feed itself to be transplanted from an area to another. When we say graft for hair transplantation, it means that the each part of the hair follicle is taken together with the skin.

A graft contains of 2-4 pieces of hair within the tissue comes with it.

In other words, graft and pieces of hair are separate concepts. Therefore, the number of hair follicles and grafts in the hair transplantation process are not the same.

What is follicular unit?

Follicular unit is a natural hair structure with multiple hair roots. Follicular units, which can be seen with special magnification devices or three-dimensional microscopes in the clinique, are very important for hair transplantation.

Follicular unit is a group of micro-hair follicles that are found as double or triple in the scalp.

Folliküler ünite saçlı deride ikili veya üçlü olarak bulunan mikro saç kökü demetleridir. One follicular unit is expressed as one graft in hair transplantation.

The difference between the number of hair follicles and grafts

As the numbers vary according to various factors, hair transplantation cliniques and doctors may give different numbers of grafts to be transplanted to the hair.

For example, a doctor may recommend that the same patient need 3000 grafts of hair transplanted in accordance with a clinical need, while a different center or doctor may indicate that 9000 hair follicles should be planted. Because they expect an average of 3 pieces of hair from a graft taken from the patient. In fact, the same amount is mentioned in both cases.

How Many Grafts Can Be Transplanted?

Now that you know what is the difference of roots and grafts is, you should trust your own experienced doctor to decide.

What you need to pay attention to here is that you now know the difference between hair follicle and graft.

We do not make graft calculations for our patients as Cosmedica Clinic. Each of our patients get their hair transplant with the maximum graft that can be taken from him. So there is no doubt on your mind about the number of grafts.

Experienced Doctor, Quality Clinique

You should choose your clinique and doctor very carefully.

Please take a closer look at previous patient experiences and the information in your doctor’s history. That way you’ll know you’re in good hands.

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