How should be Hair Transplant Planning?

How should be Hair Transplant Planning?

First of all, planning of hair transplantation should be done and personalization of planning should be considered.

Good communication between the doctor and the patient is very important for the success of the operation.

There are some important points in planning :

  • First, the degree of hair loss and sowing of the patient’s hair loss should be planned accordingly.

  • The number of grafts should be determined according to the needs of the patient.

  • It will be the most appropriate way to design the front hair line in a natural and aesthetic way and to share it with the patient after being drawn.

  • At this stage, the number of grafts to be taken from donor area of the patient should be very well calculated. After the roots taken from the transmitter area, the donor area should look natural. An adult male has 40,000 grafts (80,000 to 100,000 hair follicles). It will be sufficient to transport 40 grafts per cm2.