How Will Your Hair Transplantation Process Go Through In Istanbul? Step by step!


How Will Your Hair Transplantation Process Go Through In Istanbul? Step by step!

Just think if you have chosen our clinic -Cosmedica- for hair transplantation and that can change your life forever. Let’s see how the process works very simply.

The majority of our patients who have chosen our clinic, mostly come to Turkey with their families. So there’s nothing wrong with you coming alone or with your family.

Hair transplantation process does not constitute too much obstacle to your everyday life. Although, our patients visit many places inside and outside of Istanbul and discover the places that Turks did not even know before and share their experiences with us.

After you have decided on your hair transplantation process, the first thing you need to do is to contact us and our top notch staff.

Once your appointment has been arranged for your hair transplantation process, you will need to tell us your flight details and the date you would like to perform your hair transplantation. It is very simple and easy!

On the day you arrive in Istanbul, the day before your operation day, you will come to Cosmetic Clinic and make a face-to-face consultation with our world famous doctor. During the consultation you will be given detailed information about your hair.

After you get all the answers about your hair plan, front hairline design and operation, your health tests and blood tests will be done.

If you do not have any health problems your hair transplantation operation begins just the next day at 8:00 in the morning.

Your hair transplantation process takes about 8-10 hours and during this time you can watch TV or movies and read books. You can return to your hotel just after your hair transplantation surgery.

On the day after your hair transplantation operation, you can go back to your country after your control by our staff. Of course you can stay longer if you’d like to!

After the hair transplantation process, you can contact Cosmedica’s expert team at any time and ask us for any questions you may have. We are at your service after the surgery too.

In the first week following the hair transplantation process, it is the process in which our patients are intensively contacted. Do not hesitate to contact us in the process following your operation.

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