Meet With Pepper! Our New Assistant Robot!


Meet With Pepper! Our New Assistant Robot!

The new humanoid robot Pepper, which has attracted great interest in the world since its release, is now used in Cosmedica Clinic. Pepper has already started to help our patients in our clinic!

Let’s get to know Pepper better.

Pepper is not an ordinary robot as you used to know.

The most significant improvement in humanoid robots is that the characteristics of self-selection and display according to the behaviors. The interaction with people has never been so realistic in previous robots.

In other words, Pepper collects data with cameras, touch sensors, speakers and acceleration sensors, and provides emotional responses such as joy, loud talk, even stress in the dark!

Pepper instantly recognizes and meets our patients who visit our clinic. He guides our patients or visitors about where they will go. At the same time, Pepper can measure customer satisfaction; customer feedback and those can be recorded in the form of satisfaction indices or as audio and text. It is capable of communicating to you all the questions and processes you are interested in about hair transplantation in seven different languages.

It is just easy to ask for a selfie with our new friend who has a very sympathetic attitude 🙂

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