Stress and Hair Loss


Stress and Hair Loss

You are washing your hair as always. You brush your fingers through your hair to rinse the shampoo. Suddenly you have your hand full of hair! Is this the beginning of getting bald? Do not panic. Every day you lose about a hundred hairs and that is normal and about a hundred new hairs grow every day. But are you losing noticeably more? The cause may be ‘stress’.

Hair loss from stress is a common cause of hair loss. Fortunately, it isn’t unsolvable because there are many things you can do something about it. If you can get rid of the stress, your hair can start growing again. If you do remain stressed, then there are a few products that Cosmedica team may advise you.

That doesn’t help either? We are here to help: Cosmedica Clinic – Dr. Acar provides Hair Transplantation service to patients from all around the world for an affordable price.

Read below why and how stress may cause hair loss:

Stress hormones

Stress arises because your body is asked to make an effort. For the effort, the body produces adrenaline. If this effort continues for a longer period of time, the problem that we call “stress”, arises. A physical effort breaks down adrenaline, but this is not the case with stress. So the adrenaline accumulates. It does this mainly in the scalp because here the blood circulation is relatively weaker than other parts in the body. After adrenaline enters into the sebaceous glands, it starts causing an overproduction of lactic acid.

An increased cortisol level increases adrenaline and testosterone but also dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The interaction between all these hormones causes a disruption of insulin, a breakdown of collagen, a decrease in bone density and particularly our main concern: hair loss.

A body is under too much stress, leads to exhaustion of the adrenal glands. This makes you feel weak, anxious, depressed and harms concentration. The effect on DHT in men is greater. It is exactly the DHT that, when increased, has an effect on the hair follicles. Growth slows down and may even come to a complete stop, the hair follicles no longer produce hair. Therefore, increased DHT leads to hair loss or even baldness.

Get rid of stress

Hair loss from stress can be solved by first getting rid of the stress. We know that it is not as easy as said, but it is absolutely doable.

Take a scalp massage (stimulation of blood circulation and relaxation)

Make sure you get enough vitamins (we advise different hair vitamins, contact our team please)

Get enough sleep

Relax enough

Getting rid of stress seems easier than it is. As long as you are not completely de-stressed, it is wise to reduce the stress hormones and thus limit the production of lactic acid. You will not be free from the stress, but your hair growth will no longer have to suffer from it.

So pay attention: stress can cause hair loss through the action of hormones. Keep an eye on your lifestyle and find the right balance in work and relaxation and pay attention to healthy nutrition.

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