The Five Benefits Of The Frontal Hair Line In Hair Transplant


The Five Benefits Of The Frontal Hair Line In Hair Transplant

The front line of the hair differs from each person to each age.

Although the front line of the hair may seem unimportant, it must look very natural after the hair transplantation. In terms of having a top notch hair transplantation, the frontal hair line has some benefits before and after the surgery.

1- The frontal hair line determines the location of the hair to be transplanted in the scalp.
2- It is very important in terms of choosing the right strategy for the natural outlook.
3- It helps to determine the exact line during hair transplantation.
5- When the hair starts to grow again, it has an important role in making it look natural.
6- Regardless of the method of hair transplantation, it determines the right limits in the application.

When determining the frontal hair line, the patient’s age and head shape should be kept in mind. The hairline should be marked differently in each patient.

Even a small mistake hair, which may be on the hairline, may adversely affect the natural appearance of the hair, and an incorrect hairline may cause irreversible bad images.

A certain standard is not applied when determining the frontal hairline. The most appropriate line should be planned for each patient.

In particular, it is very crucial not to draw the frontal hair line shape as a straight line. This may have unwanted results for the patient’s hair look.

The patient should also be informed about the planned appearance after the hair transplant surgery. The hairline should be made with delicate lines protruding with indentations.

Another factor that increases the natural appearance with the frontal hair line is that the number of the hair follicles are applied.

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