The importance of the channel opening process in hair transplantation


The importance of the channel opening process in hair transplantation

In order for the hair follicles to be fed, the channels (micro-incision) that hair roots will be placed must be in the same size of the grafts that will be planted.

The direction of the channels opened during hair planting must be opened in the direction of the hair roots that existed before the hair was shed.

Once the diameter and length of the hair roots taken from the donor area have been calculated, the size and length of the lateral slit used to open the channel must be set.

The channels opened during hair transplant surgert should be customized and proper channel openers should be used.

In the hair transplantation process, channel opening is made to the area which hair shedding occurs. Although some changes are needed to be made during hair transplantation surgery, it is usually abided by the plan in the channel opening.

The channel opening is done by special needles according to the number of roots by the plan. The number of channels opened must be equal to the number of grafts.

During the channel opening to the planting area, the angels of the growing hair need so much attention.

Even if there is no hair in the planting area, it will be checked by the expert doctor using special glasses and determined according to the condition of the hair that has fallen.


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