The Importance of Vitamin D3 in Hair Transplantation


The Importance of Vitamin D3 in Hair Transplantation

On this blog post, we’re going to inform you about the relationship between hair transplantation and vitamin D3.

First of all we have to know how vitamin D3 is formed. When the body sees direct sunlight, it synthesizes the light on the skin and produces its own vitamin D3.

The vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to many conditions. The lack of vitamin D3 means, in fact, vitamin D deficiency simply. Because the vitamin D3 is first transported to the liver, then to the kidneys, and the kidneys turn vitamin D3 into vitamin D.

The body produces 90% of its vitamin D by synthesizing solar energy. Experts say it would be enough to store vitamin D3 for at least 30 minutes a day, at least in the direct sunlight of arms, legs and face.

Vitamin D3 and Our Hair

Hair-producing skin cells aka dermal papillary become more active with vitamin D3. It has a regulatory effect on beta-transforming growth factor and alkaline phosphatase. So The lack of the hair follicles (minimization) decreases. Research conducted on rats showed that bovine hairs, which were planted in immune system suppressed rats’ skin, were more dense and thick in rats with vitamin D3.

Recommendations on the intake of vitamin D3 before and after hair transplantation:

As scientific evidence increases in today’s world, it may be routine to get vitamin D3 before hair transplantation. If you are thinking about hair transplantation getting enough vitamin D3 from plenty of foods and getting sunlight will benefit your health. Vitamin D3 is also called cholecalciferol. It is normally produced by our body thanks to the ultraviolet in the sun.

You can eat tuna fish, salmon, anchovies, shrimp and egg yolk which are very rich in vitamin D3.

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