Top Notch Hair Transplant In Beautiful Turkey Where The Continents Meet


Top Notch Hair Transplant In Beautiful Turkey Where The Continents Meet

Top Notch Hair Transplant In Beautiful Turkey Where The Continents Meet

Imagine a dream trip to Turkey, where you can have your hair transplant surgery World Famous Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Levent Acar and visiting the Hagia Sophia, enjoying the best Turkish cuisine and feel the ancient air of the charming Bosphorus where Asia and Europe meet.

About hair transplant

A hair transplant is a type of surgery that moves hair from one area of the body to another. This minimally invasive procedure has been carried out in the United States since the 1950s and is commonly used for male pattern baldness. Lately, Turkey becomes one of the most popular destinations of this procedure.

Turkey is the best location

Turkey, the sixth most-visited tourism destination in the world, has also become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in recent years. Over half-a-million medical tourists visited the country for operations last year. Only 109,000 medical tourists visited Turkey in 2010, but this figure had risen to 583,000 2016. With the addition of plastic surgery figures, this figure increases to 700,000, according to sector representatives. Turkey gives higher quality of service at a lower cost than the average.

What about the packages?

There are different packages with high standarts in our clinic for your best interest to choose.

All include Dr. Levent Acar’s consultation before and after hair transplantation. His team will plan and supervise your whole operation with a top team of experts. Blood tests, cutting-edge FUE technique with maximum grafts implantation, are all included in the packages. FUE technique is the latest and most successful operation method and Dr. Acar’s the only choice.

We speak your language

Our English speaking staff (available in other Languages as well such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew ) will be with you in every step of your procedure.

We are with you

The airport pick-up and transfers are at your service. 2 nights at a 5 stars hotel accommodation (breakfast and wi-fi connection included) will be ready for you.

Do not forget, our service has no advance payment, payment is done only at the hospital.

Enjoy your spare time


During your stay, you will have free time to enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Let’s get in touch and have your free consultation.


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