What are the pros of being treated in a hospital


What are the pros of being treated in a hospital

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, questions regarding sterilization and medical safety are being raised globally. This week, we will touch briefly on this subject by telling some pros of being treated for a hair transplant in a hospital environment.

The Hospital
In Istanbul, Beşyol district, we are serving in a full-fledged Hospital with a unique and modern healthcare concept. The hospital consists of many healthcare departments and emergency services. The emergency service makes it extra safe for patients with specific medical conditions that need special attention.

Sterile Operation rooms
Our operation rooms are being sterilized and disinfected by the guidelines which meet the highest requirements and standards by the Hospital staff and the teams of Cosmedica Clinic.

Once an operation is complete, the whole room and the instruments used are cleaned and disinfected. They are packaged and sterilized. There are fixed guidelines for these processes.

Highly-trained teams
Your team is at Cosmedica Clinic are experienced and highly-trained. They are working meticulously and always wear gloves, mouth caps and a surgical suite.

Sterile Instruments
The clinic of Cosmedica in Istanbul is equipped with the most modern tools and devices.
You can find information about the surgical equipment we use during a hair transplant operation here: https://www.cosmedica.com/quality-of-hair-transplant-instruments/

Up-to-date Practices
To keep up with the latest advancements in medicine, hair transplantation, and hair restoration is essential for Cosmedica to be up-to-date at all times and provide high-quality healthcare for our patients worldwide. Not only hair restoration practices but also the sterilization techniques – which is a vital part of healthcare – will be kept up-to-date along with the types of equipment.

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