What are the risk factors for hair transplantation?

What are the risk factors for hair transplantation

What are the risk factors for hair transplantation?

The Cosmedica Clinic has been asked about the risks of hair transplantation recently. Hair transplantation is a popular and preferred quality method in recent years as we all know. However, many people who think to have hair transplantation surgery can experience a little uneasiness. This is so normal because you want to know every one of the details.

Many people do not fully know about such issues as risk factors, side effects of hair transplantation. So here we want to tell you all the possible risk factors and side effects when the surgery is done.

Is there a real risk?

There are so high or low risks in every operation in medicine. That’s for sure. At this point, hair transplantation is a long process and the application is performed with certain sessions. Depending on the donor area, scalp and baldness, the session time may be shortened or lengthen. But you should know that hair transplantation has a low complication rate compared to other aesthetic surgical procedures.

At this point, when we look at the risks, it has a great interest in the size of the operation. When we look at the complications that may occur during this process, there may be possible infections and obvious scars.

Although there is a very low probability after the application of these complications may occur, but the effect of your expert doctor is quite large at this point. The risk of infection is extremely low if the correct operation is performed in a suitable environment by the surgeon and in the post-healing period.

In addition to risks, swelling and flushing may be seen in the transplanted area after the surgery.

However, once the hair transplant operation is completed, there usually is a tightness feeling in the donor area and numbness where the grafts are placed to the plantation area. Apart from this, very large risks are not take part in hair transplant operations. The risk factors can be reduced to a very low rate, as successful results are obtained in the right clinic.

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