What Causes Hair Loss In Athletes And How To Prevent It?


What Causes Hair Loss In Athletes And How To Prevent It?

Anyone who wants to have a healthy body and outlook exercises regularly. Also professional athletes are spending their days mostly with physical exercises. So what is this about hair loss?

We need to talk about dihydrotestosterone hormone, as known as DHT before getting into this subject. DHT is a testerone hormone inside the hormone groups. Even it does not have so many important functions, it may cause hair loss when it’s too much inside your body. DHT may lead your hair thinner, weaker and by time it may get your hair lost.

This situation occurs especially in the men’s body if they exercise much. When you play sports and exercise too much, the body becomes healthier, but with the cells that might be damaged by the rising DHT hormone, it may cause hair to be lost. The hair follicles are weakening over time with the increasing of DHT. This hormone can be seen in men and alson in women but for a very few amounts. It may also lead to acne problems while leading to loss in beards and hair.

Does steroid use has affects on hair loss?

As is known in general, steroids are a kind of hormone used mostly by those who are interested in bodybuilding. Although our body actually produce this hormone naturally, it is thought that, there are some side effects of the extra steroid add-on that is taken into your body.

Rather than improving the muscle growth, DHT may cause to a possible hair loss on the other side.

So what has to be done?

You should never stop exercising in the first place place but also pay utmost attention on steroid use. The DHT increased by the steorids must not penetrate into your hair follicules.
There are some treatment methods to control and prevent possible hair loss due to steroids and those include:


Despite all this care, my hair is getting weaker and thinner.”

The hair transplant technology has reached a very successfull point in today’s world. Seven out of ten of patients with a hair transplant are very satisfied with the final results after the process. At this point, it is the most important issue that a top notch doctor and his special team to prepare all the operation from beginning to the end. You can regain your hair by using the FUE hair transplantation method. It is not so hard to go on your exercises and to have the outlook you always want.

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