What is hair ?


What is hair ?

What is hair made of?

Hair occurs in the hair root located in the epidermis known as pilosebase follicle. Hair mainly consists of a protein known as keratin and lipids from the sebaceous glands that protect the hair. It also contains melanin, which is responsible for its natural color.

What is the function of human hair?

On average, between 85,000 and 150,000 hairs grow on the human scalp. The number of hairs per person differs, but can be estimated based on color. Compared to other primates, humans have very little hair on their bodies. However, the hair has a few important functions. The function of the hair depends on the location.

The location of the hair determines the role. Scalp hair helps to protect the skull from the scorching sun and maintains the body’s temperature. Eyelashes and eyebrow hairs ensure that the eyes are protected against dirt, for example. Hair in the nostrils and ears have a function, in which dirt and perhaps insects are stopped by the body. Nose hair also helps to regulate the temperature that is inhaled. Body hairs are linked to receptors in the skin. These make you feel, so they actually have the function of a protective warning device.

What is a follicle?

The follicle is the structure in which the hair grows. The porous structure that the hair contains produces oil and lubricates the skin and hair.

Hair Loss

Hair is shed for many reasons. An accurate treatment approach cannot be achieved without determining the cause of hair loss. Therefore, it is important to know for what reason the hair loss occurs. If you are considering a hair transplant surgery, you can contact Cosmedica and ask their team for more information.

Hair Transplantation

Hair can be transplanted from one part of the body to another part. The donor area is usually the back of the head, the beard, and the chest hair. Hair follicles that are extracted from these parts can be replaced to another area to fill small gaps or wider areas on the scalp. Cosmedica Clinic – Dr. Acar is one of Turkey’s top hair transplant clinics, which is visited by many patients around the globe. You can contact here, for more information about getting a hair transplant intervention in Turkey.

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