What is Sapphire Hair Transplant?


Is it Different than Hair Transplant with FUE method?

Today, although the technique used in hair transplantation has been the same for a long time, the use of surgical equipments and systems has been developing so fast.

Minimally invasive hair transplantation operations have reduced the healing process to very short periods thanks to the equipments are being used.

As Cosmedica Clinic, we use all the innovations offered by us in our branch of technology and science. In addition to our own research & development activities, we follow all the latest innovations in medicine.

We will give you detailed information about Fue hair transplantation with Sapphire method which you hear frequently and ask us nowadays.


First of all, there is no hair transplantation procedure such as Sapphire itself. This is an innovative surgical tool which helps FUE method hair transplantation. It has been developed to open smaller micro channels in the areas where hair follicles are taken from the donor area.

Channel opening is a stage that directly affects the last results of hair transplantation operations. At this stage, we use sapphire inserts, which are sharp and smooth cut, whose tip is made of sapphire, whose tip is a precious metal of 1, 1.5 mm instead of the old metal-tipped slits.

So what are the differences and advantages of Metal-tipped Slit and Sapphire?

As you can see in the picture below, the incisions made with the sapphire tip are at a much more micro level. In this way, the healing process is shorter and in this process, the scaling rate of the wounds will be much less. We surely say that the Sapphire inserts greatly increase the comfort of the patient during the recovery period.


At the same time, thanks to the smooth surface with incredible sharpness, there will be much less vibration when opening the channels. This will increase your comfort in recovery time as it minimizes trauma to the channel opening.