What to know when choosing a shampoo


What to know when choosing a shampoo

A good shampoo should not only clean, but also care for your hair. You prefer shampoo based on your hair. By choosing the right shampoo, your hair can also look beautiful and healthy.
But what do all those different shampoos do for your hair and which one is best to choose?

What should a shampoo do?

A shampoo should of course mainly clean and thus remove sebum, skin cells and dirt. However, if this only cleans, your hair will be clean, but also stiff, dry and dull. And of course we want not only a clean head of hair, but also a shiny and voluminous head of hair. Therefore, a good shampoo should not only clean, but also care and condition.

Probably, you have already heard that washing more than 3 times a week may harm your hair, so keep the “quality over quantity” principle.

Keep this short list in mind when choosing a Shampoo:

  • The skin on your head has a PH level of 5.5. So, when choosing a shampoo please consider if its PH level is close to 5.5.
  • Avoid shampoo with paraben, since this may affect the PH levels.
  • Prefer sulfate-free shampoos or conditioners.
  • Considering your hair type is also very important. Is your hair dry, frizzy, oily, etc.? The shampoo you will choose should be in line with your hair type.

Important Note: Please note that the advice above is in general terms. After a hair transplant surgery, there are different guidelines and details to consider. At Cosmedica Clinic, our team of experts will instruct you about the hair washing and shampoo procedures. Please contact us for questions about your shampoo.

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