When Can I Go On A Holiday After Hair Transplant?


When Can I Go On A Holiday After Hair Transplant?

When Can I Go On A Holiday After Hair Transplant?

There is this question many of our patients ask before their hair transplant operation.

“I am wondering can I go on holiday straight afterwards or should I wait for days and week.”

If you are the one who is also planning to have a hair transplant, this article will help you a lot. 

First of all, you can go on holiday right after your hair transplantation, but sunbathing is forbidden in the first 20 days. No matter it’s a private or public pool and the sea, unfortunately swimming is forbidden too for that time. I you are going to pay utmost attention about sun exposure, it is allowed to have your holiday right after the surgery. 

During this time of the recovering process, you must take a break of your routine exercises. 

Swimming is allowed in the 3rd and the 4th weeks.  You should stay out of the sun in the middle of the day especially when the sun rays are at a steep angle.

When swimming, you should use a hat or use a hair product with SP for the transplanted area. 

In the same time, you can go back your daily exercise routine but some sports that have risks to a possible head injury are strictly forbidden such as football, martial arts, basketball, volleyball and wrestling.  

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