When Is The Best Time In A Year To Have A Hair Transplant?


When Is The Best Time In A Year To Have A Hair Transplant?

Can’t decide when to have your hair transplantation surgery?

You don’t need to get stuck on this subject. Because unlike many false beliefs, hair transplantation can be done every season. All 12 months are suitable for this operation.

Of course, in some months and seasons, hair loss can be reduced or decreased according to the patient’s hair structure. Each patient can determine the appropriate time for hair transplantation by observing this process according to their hair structure.

There are some points to consider when deciding on the time of hair transplantation. People who decide to have their hair transplantation in summer should consider that they will have to wait 10 days before swimming and avoiding direct sunlight.

After the hair transplant operations in winter, you need to protect your head with cotton and non-snug hats to protect from cold. In other words, each season has its own rules, but it is always suitable for this process.

Despite the high performance rate in winter, you may also take advantage of the summer because your hair grows more and faster and your skin renewal rate is increasing even more.

After the hair transplantation operation, mild skin rashes and redness in healing process should not have excessive exposure to the sun.

After a short time period after the hair transplant operation, you can celebrate the new year with your dream hairstyle and renewed image.

Cosmedica Clinic, which is one of the leading hair centers in the world and the best of Turkey, provides services to its patients both in summer and in winter. Please do not hesitate writing to us. You may also have your free consultation from Cosmedica’s top notch team.

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