Which celebrities chose for Dr. Acar?


Which celebrities chose for Dr. Acar?

Decisions of Stars

Celebrities fascinate and do influence us by their status, outlook, lifestyle, and actions. They matter for us because they have received a status of fame and attention through their success and personalities. They matter because they are normal and exceptional at the same time. That’s what we call ‘being a star’. Celebrities must be normal because otherwise, we cannot recognize ourselves in them, but they must also be extraordinary, otherwise, we cannot look up to it.

When a celebrity decides for a hair transplant, we know that the problem is one many men share around the world; “hair loss”. But what makes the decision specifically important is the attention they get, and thus, the outcome, the naturalness, the excellence of the hair transplant.

Many artists, bodybuilders, influencers, sportsmen, TV-celebrities, models visit Cosmedica monthly. From China to Europe, from USA to Australia, many figures step on the plane, to come to Istanbul, to have their hair restored by Dr. Acar.

Who did chose for Dr. Acar?

Milinko Pantić

The Serbian legendary ex-soccer player and current manager. Milinko has scored 5 goals in the 96-97 Champions League and no Atlético Madrid player has been able to achieve this to this date.

See his result with Dr. Acar here.

Calum Best

British TV-personality and son of George Best has chosen for a hair transplant at Cosmedica in Istanbul as well. His result is already visible, you can check it out here.

Liam McAleese

Model and TV-personality Liam McAleese is a great influencer amongst bodybuilders and young fit men. The model came to Cosmedica to have a hairline designed by Dr. Acar. Succesful, as seen here.

Troy Williamson

Professional mid-weight boxer Trow Williamson is a man who never gives up. Consequently, he didn’t give up on his hair! See what’s changed about his hairline since his hair transplantation: here!

In 2019/20, many names such as Chris Perceval, Dee Cosey, Luke Gater, Denis Toplak, Wang Yang, Ben Haldon, Thomas Powell, Kerian Lee and hundreds of more artists, musicians, well-known businessmen, have visited the clinic of Dr. Acar so far, and many more have made appointments as well. Well, the question is, “do they have good results?”. The answer is; “stay tuned”, since we update our Instagram account day-to-day by incoming result photo’s and you can see them there.

Who will come in the future?
The good news is, new stars keep on booking their reservations at Cosmedica Clinic, and we are sure, among these stars, there are your idols!

Keep following us to be surprised!

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