Which season for Hair Transplant


Which season for Hair Transplant

In our blog this week, we will explain one of the most discussed topics regarding the timing of hair transplant: What season should you undergo a hair transplant? Because it is wise to consider as much as possible, this question is not redundant.

Fortunately, hair transplant is advancing and the techniques are getting better day by day, and as a result; the recovery times are shorter than in the past. But it is very important to be educated about the processes to get a good result in return of all the time and effort invested in your hair transplant.

Avoid direct sunlight

A hair transplant in the summer is no problem as long as you prevent direct sunlight for the first 3 months. But even then, it would be wise to prevent sunburn. You can wear the hat which is given by Cosmedica to protect your transplanted hair from sunlight. Please avoid bright sunlight, and use the hat as much as possible.

Any season is right

In conclusion: Hair transplantation is possible in every season. All seasons are suitable, as long as you follow the instructions. Any season is right for hair transplant if you are comfortable wearing a hat and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Apart from this, there is no relation between the weather and the result of your hair transplant, so any season is ideal.

Feel free to ask!

We inform our patients in every detail at the clinic and provide them with written down instructions(in the form of a brochure, instruction page, etc.). The instructions will answer frequently asked questions about do’s and don’ts after the hair transplant. Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our Aftercare Team will help you with all the information you need about the recovery, aftercare, post-operation processes to achieve the best result.

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