Why Do People Choose Turkey For Their Hair Transplant?


Why Do People Choose Turkey For Their Hair Transplant?

Turkey has always been among the popular countries with it’s culture, history and spectacular places. Altough, Turkey is becoming very popular for other reason nowadays, medical tourism.

Statistics show us that approximately 800.000 people choose Turkey for medical tourism in a single year.

Hair transplant however is one of most rising branch in this subject. It is booming and more than 5.000 foreign patiens visit Turkey every month for their hair transplant operations.

Affordable fees of the operations done by top notch doctors is the key factor on this subject. People also have their chance to know and meet with different cultures in Turkey.

The price of hair transplantation in Turkey is very quality, proved and so much chepaer compared to United States or European Union countries. The cliniques and tourism operators are working together to make this very professional from beginning to the end. The prices are not the only advantages of Turkey but it’s specialists and worldwide technological equipments. Many of the Turkish doctors are making researches abroad and help hair transplantation branch to develop.

The whole packages are organized both with cliniques and the tourism operators. The patients are takesn by a special driver from the airport and left back to the airport when the operation is fully completed. Even the team helps the patiens if he/she wants to go shopping or sightseeing. It’s been tought that the total market share will be 20-25 million Dollars by 2023.

However, it should not be forgotten that this is a medical operation not just a tourist attraction. You should not see as a vacation and not underestimate the quality of the clinique. The operation must be done in a hospita by a well known doctor. Cosmedica is on of the leading cliniques in Turkey. They offer a uniqe experience with a specialized team and top notch doctor. You can visit this page for their packages and fees. You can also get your free consultation from Cosmedica.

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