Why is hair important aesthetically


Why is hair important aesthetically

If you were asked to draw a witch, how would you draw the hair? Well-combed, or exactly the opposite?

What is there behind the metaphor of Rapunzel’s or Medusa’s hair that makes hair such a powerful symbol?

How come, that some hairstyles may even have underlying ideological motivations, or that a certain hairstyle is banned in some countries?

Why do millions of men and women, suffer from psychological effects of hair loss worldwide?

Expression of personality

Imagine that you are the interviewer at a job interview. The function requires accurate, precise and meticulous skills. There are two applicants. The first one has well-groomed hair and a good-looking haircut. The second applicant has untidy hair and looks like his last haircut was 6 months ago. What would be your first impression of the applicants regarding the job? It is obvious that hair is a versatile tool that can be used powerfully to express the characteristics of one’s personality.

It is the considerable influence of hair, that makes some of us spend 30 minutes a day in front of the mirror. We do not want to express ourselves incorrectly towards others, and even ourselves. Everybody has an ideal personality that they want to attain or desired personal characteristics. It is unbearable to get the exact opposite impression every time one looks in the mirror. It is not by accident that depression is often used in the same sentence with hair and hair loss.

Personal Fashion

Some have their fixed style of dressing and appearance, while others go with the trend and change their outlook from time to time. For both, it is an irreplaceable matter to refresh the hairstyle from time to time, to maintain a good image. For instance, when we change our dressing-style, our hair should be able to accompany. Our hairstyle we have at a wedding party, often we do not want to have during a holiday. But we want it still to look good. Unfortunately, with less hair, this is less maintainable.

Modern technology and medicine offer reliable treatments to solve hair problems and overcome aesthetical concerns. Hair transplant is for so far, the most effective treatment to cure hair loss without any synthetic applications. In simple terms: hair transplant is a matter of relocating one’s own hair, to revise the entire outlook of hair.

Do you have any questions regarding hair transplant in Turkey, and do you want a free hair analysis? You can contact the team of Cosmedica – Dr. Acar, send them your pictures and be advised about the treatment.

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