Why Is Your Hair Falling Out?


Why Is Your Hair Falling Out?

Do you ever wonder why is your hair falling out lately?

The most important reason for male hair loss is that hair follicles are genetically sensitive to male hormones. Male hormones called as androgens.

For this reason, male type hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia or androgenetic hair loss.

There are some known causes for androgens to shed hair. These reasons are extremely relevant to each other. Yet, the exact cause may not have been found yet.

There are specific genetic codes in chromosomes of men with hair loss.

These genes pass through the one’s parents. A single gene or multiple genes can cause your hair loss. It is transferred from one generation to another.

Is It Because Of The Mother Or Father?

Genes transferred from the mother are more important regarding to this subject. Hair loss is observed in patients with these genes from the mother.

The thesis that genetic transition is dominant and that it will occur in children is not always true. It is also a false belief that there will be hair loss in both boys and girls with a genetic transition.

Anyone Carrying That Gene Will Be Bald?


Another false belief is that everyone who carries these genes will be bald. Hair loss may or may not be limited to these people.

In other words, the emergence of the effects of the hair loss gene is completely personal. One with the same gene may have hair loss and the other may not.

The effects of this gene are based on the patient himself. Other factors increase the efficiency of this gene.

Many other factors such as hormones, stress, smoking, lifestyle, age may change the effectiveness of this gene. In short, we definitely can’t say everyone who has this gene will have hair loss.

These are the causes of hair loss in today’s knowledge. But perhaps special genes can be identified in the future for hair loss.

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