Why Many Europeans Visit Turkey To Spend The New Year’s Holiday?


Why Many Europeans Visit Turkey To Spend The New Year’s Holiday?

First, the New Year celebrations in Turkey have such enthusiasm as in many European countries.

Especially in Istanbul, as a big cosmopolitan city, there are many different alternatives to spend all kinds of fun and quality time. From local street food to fine dining, the city is also serves as a gourmet destination.

However, there are other reasons for those kind of visits.

They combine their hair transplantation operations in top notch clinics in the country with the new year holiday.

Turkey in recent years, has become one of the world’s leading countries for hair transplantation, aesthetics and many other health & beauty operations.

This year, it is highly anticipated that Europeans who would like to have a Christmas holiday will prefer to spend this period in our country in order to make holiday and have their hair transplants and other operations. Hair transplantation though is considered one of the most important aspects of these visits.

The quality and success rate of the hair transplantation in Turkey and especially Istanbul, brought the country into one of the world’s leading centers in this field.

Cosmedica Clinic is also one of the most popular centers of hair transplantation in the country.

The clinic, which meets the expectations at the highest level by presenting the appropriate treatment methods suitable for individuals with experienced doctors and professional treatment methods, is one of the first choices of European visitors.

Turkey, has a location advantage of reaching about 1 billon of people with just 4-hour flight distance.

With its advanced technology, transportation and health systems, Turkey is considered the ideal center of the health tourism all around the world.

The number of people coming to the country for health tourism and medical treatment is expected to reach 1 million people at the end of this year as it is compared of 750 thousand people in last year.

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